Sejarah Sepeda Goyang/ sepeda galau/ sepeda lebay/ sepeda patah-patah/ wing bike

History Of Our SwingBike

This Bike came to England in the early eighties courtesy of a local businessman who intended to import and distribute the novel bicycle. English trading standards declared these bikes illegal to ride on the public highway with the frame in the swing condition; this put paid to this venture.

The bike was then given to a friend, local builder Gerald Parsonage who’s young family had several years of fun before retiring the bike to the scrap heap.

Here it lay at rest until June 2000 when we rescued it and gave it a new lease of life giving it an eighties touch of index gears and a paint job.

Only later when having a browse on the old web did we realise these bikes had such a following. Luckily we have retained all the original wheels, chainguard, fenders etc. if ever we want to restore to original condition.

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